Designing Instructional Strategy Course

Questioning Strategies

Questioning strategies are powerful instructional strategies that can be employed effectively in many contexts. This activity will introduce you to various principles regarding this.


Design effective questioning strategies to facilitate the desired learning experiences and reflections.


  1. Click here to review the Presentation for Using Questions in Instructional Design (page 31-32 in PDF)
  2. Identify the top three questioning techniques that you feel would be most effective in your teaching.
  3. Describe your top three picks and explain why you ranked the way you did in your blog and ask for feedback.


Enter into your blog your response to the following reflection questions:

  1. How are you finding the reflection questions that am using in this module? Are they helping you to reflect in a useful way on your learning experience?
  2. How do you normally use questioning in your teaching? How could you improve your use of questioning?

Instructor's Note:

Questioning is part of the art and craft of teaching and design of instruction. I find that one gets better at it the more you practice it and gain experience from what worked and what didn't work. What is important is that you need to reflect on your practice and note how to improve it. It also helps to watch others do it, especially when they do it well.

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